Code & Values

Our Values



We will not be open on Sundays as we stand with Hobby Lobby and many other retail giants and feel all our workers need a day to spend with their families or Worship. We believe in Second Chances, no matter what! People make mistakes in their lives, or have disabilities, we refuse to hold it against them.

"A Simple Act of Caring creates an endless ripple... that comes back to You.." (Author Unknown)

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct establishes a standard to which our dealers adhere to and give you the customer service in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of Picwood USA.

LAWS: All Dealers must operate within the bounds of the laws, rules, and regulations in the locations they operate.

LABOR/HUMAN RIGHTS: Our Dealers cannot employ any one under the age of 15, use forced labor, prison labor, slave labor, indentured labor or any other form of forced labor. Our Dealers must pay at least minimum wage +25cents per hour to start per employee. 

AUDITING: Picwood USA reserves the right to audit the Dealer to ensure their compliance.