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Production Time

We are a "made-to-order" business and sometimes we fall behind our 7 day order to ship schedule. Some products in our peak season time can run 10 days behind schedule. 



 Your items may come from different shippers and at different times. If you order multi-items some might ship via a major carrier and can arrive at different times. 

You agree that we are not responsible for your items once they leave our shop; however, we will assist you to file a claim with the carrier. 

Pick Ups

Yes, We do allow for pick-ups but there is no price difference in the prices of you request a pickup or ship. Please schedule your pickup on this page.

You (the Customer) understand that you may schedule an appointment to pick up your item(s) in a boxed condition and assembly is required.

You further understand if you fail to pick up your item(s) at the scheduled time and/or after a seven (7) calendar day hold, you will be issued a refund minus an administrative fee of $50.00.

If you schedule a second pick up and fail to keep this second scheduled pickup date, you will be issued a refund minus an administrative fee of $50.00 immediately and your order will be canceled and the item(s) will be returned to stock.

You will not hold Picwood USA LLC, its associates, sales staff, owners liable if you have an accident or injury at the pickup property or damage to your vehicle or trailer upon entry to the pickup property.

One YEAR Guarantee

 We offer for 1 (one) year guarantee on faulty lumber or workmanship from our shop. 


(We use the shipping address on the order form and save you order form for one year.)

This company guarantee is only good on our wooden outdoor items that are not stained or painted, or stained. Our 1-year guarantee starts from the date of order and ends one year later from the date of order. 

This guaranteed does not cover cracks, dents, knots, warping, or customer misuse, over limit weight, breakage from misuse, wear and tear, left outside, misuse of any other kind including but not limited to misuse of assembly. 

We will replace the piece that would be covered under this guarantee and not the whole product. 

This guarantee is voided if customer paints, stains or polyurethanes the product. 

We are not responsible for carrier damage. Please make sure you check your item for damage from the carrier. We will help you file a claim with your shipping carrier but we are not responsible for damages once your item leaves our wood shop.

Military Discounts


From One Veteran to Another, THANK YOU for your service!

Picwood USA offers a Military Discounts to Veterans, active, and retired military members of all branches of Service. 

Police Officers, and Firefighter also are given this discount. The person must call us to get the discount code and answer some questions. Just call for your service discount 844-802-1599

Natural White Pine, Treated Lumber, Red Cedar

 White Pine, is recommended if you want to paint your product and will be bringing it indoors before the winter weather hits.

Red Cedar, is recommended if you like it plain as it is and do nothing with it as it will turn silverly grey over time.

Treated Lumber, with this you can leave the wood outside and will take a few years before it becomes unseasonable. This is what we found out about using treated lumber. A comprehensive study of occupational, residential, and playground uses of pressure preserved wood with copper azole preservative has concluded, “no adverse health effects are expected.” The study was commissioned by Bayer Chemicals Corporation (now Lanxess Corporation) and conducted by Gradient Corporation, a noted environmental and toxicological consulting firm. Lanxess manufactures Preventol® A8, which is an azole fungicide used in the copper azole preservative. A number of different exposures (e.g., inhalation, incidental ingestion, exposure to the skin) were assessed and aggregated in each of these scenarios. The highest potential risk was estimated to be 17 times lower than the level that the EPA uses as a safety benchmark, thus demonstrating the safety of copper azole-treated wood. Read the report summary (PDF). 


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