Our FAQ Page

Production Time

We are a "made-to-order" business and sometimes we fall behind our 7 day order to ship schedule. Some products in our peak season time can run 10 days behind schedule. Our goal is to be at a three day schedule.


As 2018 rolls in, we made some changes here at Picwood USA to go with USPS as our carrier of choice. During the last two years we used all three major carriers, USPS, FedEX, and UPS.. Our Choice is USPS for 2018.

We will be shipping products out on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week.

Pick Ups

Yes, we do offer you a choice choice to pick up or shipped your product to you. 


PICK UP ORDERS:  Are subject to a first appointment time pick up fee of $15.00. An additional charge of $25.00 will be applied to your order for a second appointment. Pick Ups are done during our business hours listed on our contact page on Saturdays only. 

SHIPPED ORDERS: You agree that we are not responsible for your items once they leave our shop; however, we will assist you to file a claim with either USPS or UPS.

Why only White Pine Wood

Due to the ever changing prices of Red Cedar, we decided to delete Red Cedar from our product line.

Why the LIVE Operator Number

Due to the fact we don't want to miss your call, we outsourced our phone system to a LIVE operator network that allows us to never miss a call, if you get the LIVE operator, just leave your message with them and we will contact you back as soon as we can. It's better than voicemail.

Update News 1/6/18

As we move into 2018, we have made numerous administrative and wood shop changes. We think you'll like them as we didn't have to raise the prices all that much for 2018, and we hired new staff to assist us in the office and wood shop. Subscribe to our emails and get informed of the latest products and designs along with some awesome coupon codes. 


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