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Picwood USA LLC | Finest Selection of Hand-Made Real Wood Adirondack Chairs

Our Mission & Core Values Statement

1)   Making the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible;

2)   Utilizing locally sourced businesses whenever possible;

3)   Treating our customers, employees, and suppliers in an honest, friendly, and professional manner;

4)   Providing fair compensation for our employees, and for those whose labors provide our vendors and customers high quality products;

5)   Hiring people who have barriers to regular employment; and

6)   Working to make our business, community, and world more peaceful, just, joyful, and environmentally sustainable.​​


Our Core Values

We will not be open on Sundays as we stand with Hobby Lobby and many other retail giants and feel all our workers need a day to spend with their families or Worship. We believe in Second Chances, no matter what! People make mistakes in their lives, or have disabilities, we refuse to hold it against them. 

"A Simple Act of Caring creates an endless ripple...

that comes  back to You.." 

(Author Unknown)


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