2018 Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is as simple as it will get....

1)  We, Picwood USA will NEVER give out any information to ANYONE unless Court Ordered by a Court within the United States of America.

2)  We keep no records of your credit card information on file at Picwood USA.

3)  We use the highest encryption third party secure payment processor for all transactions. If there is ever a breach of this, once we are notified from our third party processor we will:  

       a) notify everyone on our email mailing list.

        b) send a letter via USPS to ALL customers immediately upon notification from the         processor.

4)  We do not sell, give, or provide any company with your mailing address, personal ordering, or your name.

5) We do send mail out (USPS) and emails out if you sign up for them from time to time. 

6)  All mailings are from Picwood USA and not shared with another company, no matter if its our parent company, partner, or investors.