Welcome To Our Second Chances Program

  Our Sawduster Program gives “Second Chances” to those who need it. No matter what they have done in the past, we refuse to hold it against them. Whether it’s a criminal or a physical disability we work around this issue.  

Once in our program we are a woodworkers source to secure employment in a larger company.They earn minimum wage the hours they work, they get a “Brown Bag” lunch. The program runs 89 working days they are in the shop learning new skills, training in marketing, woodworking, and office assistance.  

The Sawduster must keep current on all requirements with their service provider or parole/probation officer. They must train on all woodworking equipment prior to being allowed to use the equipment on their own.  This program allows the Sawduster to gain knowledge to seek better employment after the program ends at the 89 day mark.  All Sawdusters undergo a drug screening test, occasionally urine drops, and agree to drug testing, along with group therapy if required.