Why Choose Picwood USA!

You Set Your Price Margins

We give you a a MSRP dollar amount, but its up to you to set your own SRP. 

Wholesale Price

The price we give you once you've signed up to be a reseller for Picwood USA! products then you will have to add shipping fees.

We Require Sale Tax (EIN) to be on file

Michigan Law says we must have a hard copy of your sales tax information on file BEFORE we can ship orders to your customers.

Drop Shipping

Even though our items are boxed with our logos, we offer to ship from us to your customer.

Bulk Rate Pick Ups

Receive an additional 10% off the wholesale price when you pick the order up from our shop when there is a 10+ SKU order. You must order at least 10+ per SKU for pick up service.

Partner Logos

We get over 28,000 hits a month on our website, and we list our Partners that have helped us get to this level of service.