Welcome To Our Page of Wood Shop Moments...

This page is all about "There-Ya-Go-Moments..." All are true and all have happened either here at the shop or at Art Fairs with Customers, perspective customers, and overall general human beings.  


Gentleman came to the shop and asked how to get his wrench to expand from 7 inches to 16 inches. I was like "HUH?"  He shows me the instruction paper that said he would need two 7/16 wrenches to assemble the chair. So he asked again where he could go and get one. I told him to go to Walmart and look for it there.. Then I had a "There-Ya-Go-Moment" and showed him the wrench that would be needed.

A lady came by today, and she said she just could not get the bolts tighten on her chair. She said that the nuts just stop tightening but its so wobbly. I went to the back of her pickup and seen what she was talking about. She gave me very detailed instruction on how she assembled the chair.. She tightened the nuts on the chair as tight as she could she said, but they are still wobbly. I brought the chair inside to the shop and showed her the instructions say tighten the STOP NUT with two 7/16 wrenches. She informed me she didn't have the wrenches so she figured finger tight would do it. Then I had a "There-Ya-Go-Moment" and tightened her chair for her...

A lady called me up and asked why there are lots of little screws and hardly any middle screws and what the difference was... I had a "There-Ya-Go-Moment" and told her that the middle screws had babies and some of them ran away, then I told her the truth..

A Gentleman called me on the phone and said his package was delivered but couldn't find it. I asked him what he ordered, he told me it was a Step-stool. I told him I would look it up and see what UPS said about the delivery. He then asked who was the delivery  driver? I said I didn't know.. He then said well, you hired them you should know who works for you... Then I had a "There-Ya-Go-Moment" and said Sir, it was the brown truck and his name is Frank, or it could have been the white truck and her name is Betsy... I could have gone on and on, but I finally told him UPS is our contractual delivery service and they said they gave to a woman... He replied, oh that figures, my wife..